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Makes me happy; makes me sad

makes me happy.

makes me sad.


--updated August 29, 2013--

I am first year PhD student at New York University, working under Prof. Enrico Bertini . My current research focus is around intuitive big-to-massive data analysis and visualization. My works have significant components of applied mathematics, big data analysis, information visualization and human computer interaction.

Education: I just started my journey towards a doctorate at New York University. I did my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B.E. 2008-2012) at the BITS Pilani University. I completed my bachelor's thesis on "Futuristic Interaction Media using Natural User Interface" at the Keio-NUS Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments (CUTE) Center, National University of Singapore. Not to mention, I do not have a master's degree yet. However, my name was somewhere in the waiting list of MIT Media Lab's S.M. program in Media Arts and Sciences (MAS) - Fall'13.

A long time ago in a country far, far away: I worked as a research assistant at the Human Computer Interaction Laboratory, National University of Singapore under the guidance of Dr. Shengdong Zhao. At the lab, my projects were focused on natural user interface, including haptics, computer vision and mobile based human computer interaction. I am also interested in cognitive sciences and brain-computer interaction (BCI), inspired by José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado and his awesome experiments. Prior to this, I worked as a reserach intern at the Keio-NUS CUTE Center, Singapore; and at Research Designs and Standards Organization, Ministry of Railways, India.

I have also worked closely with Prof. Adrian David Cheok and Dr. K.M.M. Rao.

The 'extra step' keywords: Intel Youth Enterprise, 2012; Intel Global Challenge (UC, Berkeley), 2012; Intel India Embedded Challenge, 2011; National Board of Higher Mathematics; National Children Science Congress; Amul VidyaShree Award; Academic Regitration and Counseling Division (BPHC); MIRAI: The Story of Keio-NUS CUTE Center; Ad-Astra: The Astronomy Club.

For more information or to decipher the 'extra step' keywords, please refer to my resume (see 'Links' below).

Resume (updated September, 2013): CV,