Natural User Interface, Human Computer Interaction, Empathic Communication, Robotics
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Content of following projects, "NoteVideo" and "OpenEducator", have not been made public yet as the projects are being reviewed for patents and licences.


TactArt ongoing

Keywords: Toolkit, Interactive art, Tactile sensation, Digital arts, Creativity, Analyzing Users' Perceptions

The sense of touch is a rich medium for creative expressions for the artist to create novel aesthetic experiences for audiences.
We developed TactArt, an end-to-end system for the artist to design and create tactile sensation to augment visual art work with tactile interactivity. TactArt is composed of an application and a tactile glove for artist to design the tactile patterns; and for the visitors to experience TactArt, the tactile glove is worn by the visitor who explores the artwork without directly contacting the piece.

MastIshk infinity and beyond

Keywords: Cool, Crazy, Ambitious, Awesome, Brain Computer Interface, Revolutionary, Doable

Vision: To revolutionize the way we interact with real and virtual, physical and digital, information.
It is one of my craziest self-intiated project as it made my room smell like flux & gel. I have been reading lots of Brain Computer Interface related literature and technologies lately. Trying to do something different from conventional 10-20 system and P300 analysis. The initial steps involved Emotiv (overkill) hacking, creating DIY electrodes and doing some trial and errors. The project is in its 2nd/secret stage right now. :)

HistOrna ongoing

Keywords: Toolkit, Interaction History Visualization, Arts and Creativity, Information Visualization

Historna, or history ornament, is a novel computer generated digital ornament that artistically visualizes the interaction history of digital artifacts. Historna provides both an in-a-glance capability to quickly overview the entire interaction history as well as the ability to examine individual interaction event in detail. A simple language and a software toolkit are developed to facilitate custom historna creation with different types of digital artifacts.


RozgarDATA 2012

Keywords: e-Governance, Rural Self Sustainability, Skills to Opportunities Initiative, Intel-IIMB Youth Enterprise 2012

Founded by a team of five, RozgarData aims to connect rural skills to job opportunities. The venture is supported by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India; co-funded and mentored by Intel and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The venture won Intel-IIMB Youth Enterprise, 2012 and will be showcased at Intel Global Challenge 2012 at the University of California, Berkeley. In media: IIMB Online, DNAindia, CoolAvenues
Current status: Pilot run in the state of Karnataka, India

refer: RozgarData coverage

Sound Perfume 2012

Keywords:Personal Branding, Impression Management, Wearable Devices, Sound/Perfume, Mobile Application

Sound Perfume is a system that we built to explore the effect of impression formation using auditory and olfactory output and to augment a user’s nonverbal cues through a wearable Sound Perfume accessory. We designed our systems with the form factors of fashion accessories, allowing people to use them in their everyday lives. This concept can be understood as a wearable ‘ringtone for the nose and ear’.


Kissenger 2012

Keywords: Kiss media, Remote Presence, Long Distance Relationship, Device for intimate expression

Kissenger is an interactive device that provides a physical interface for transmitting a kiss between two remotely connected people. The goal of this work is to promote intimacy between humans in long distance relationships, where users can exchange and experience cute (not real) kisses through an unconventional kiss (haptic) media. In media: Discovery Weird Planet, CBC News, Extreme Tech, TheVerge and many more.





Mini-Surrogate 2012

Keywords: Human Robot Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Expressive Robots, Lovotics, Telepresence, Imitating Robots

Mini-Surrogates research is at the intersection of telepresence systems, humanoid robots and computer mediated communication. Our goal is to provide a remote intimate communication channel by creating a miniature and personalized surrogate of each couple. We try to bridge the gap between face-to-face and remote communication by recreating embodied version of distant person. In media: CBC News, Extreme Tech, TheVerge and many more.


Light Perfume 2012

Keywords: Affect management, Light/Perfume, Wearable Devices, Impression management, Mobile Application

Light Perfume is a wearable system that helps the user and his or her communication partner to mirror their nonverbal communication cues together during a face-to-face (F2F) conversation. This is based on the concept of mirroring, where each user is stimulated with the same visual and olfactory outputs to strengthen the psychological bond between users and their partner.




Lovotics (Love+Robotics) 2011

Keywords: Human Robot Interaction, Artificial Endocrine System, Expressive Robots, Probability of Love

The project aims to make robots intelligent, providing them emotional (love) expressions and bringing them closer to human community, towards the development of human-robot relationship. It’s a pioneer project in the field of love expressing robot; and uses probability theory and artificial intelligence modules for formulating love.
In media : Reuters, Popular Science, Wired, Extreme Tech and many more.

"Most Popular Emergent Technology of 2011" - Extreme Tech


Confucius Chat 2011

Keywords: Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Confucius, Mobile Application, Virtual Chat

This is a Natural Language Processing based virtual chat agent which models Confucius (an Eastern philosopher) knowledge, and allows users to chat with him while exploring cultural values. The application allows users to ask questions related to love and fortune and provides relevant Confucius analects.      

refer:iSage application (on Google Play)


Sahayak 2011

Keywords: Intel Atom Kit, Reverse Code, RFID, Mobile Application, Intel India Embedded Challenge 2011

Sahayak - a robotized kitchen interface for elderly and mentally challenged, is an independent project which aims to help elderly, disabled and mentally challenged people while working in kitchen. We developed a ‘reverse code’ with RFID technology to avoid the usage of image processing techniques, thus lowering the cost significantly with higher system efficiency. The project won Gold Medal at Intel India Embedded Challenge, 2011.    

refer: Intel India Embedded Challenge, 2011

PeTer 2010

Keywords: Battery Charger, RDSO - Govt. of India, Automating Conventional Processes, Indian Railways Specifications

PeTer - Performance Tester, was developed for the Research Designs and Standards Organization, Lucknow (Ministry of Railways – Government of India) as the part of a summer internship project. The project successfully automated the performance testing of the battery chargers used by the Indian Railways. Presently, it is used by the Signal Directorate, RDSO for the performance testing of its battery chargers (Output - 24V/20Amp).



Some old projects - halt or transferred. :)  



PiezoCharger 2010

Keywords: Piezoelectric effect, Mobile Battery Chargeing, Alternate Energy Source, Crowd Harvesting

This is a Lab Oriented College Project, aimed to provide alternate battery charging technique through human motion, using piezoelectric material for power generation. The project was deployed in BITS Pilani - Hyderabad Campus in the form of a tile, with ability to charge a 1300mAh mobile battery. The project has been transferred to the Department of Electrical Engineering of the university.


eSparsha 2012 - halt

Keywords: Haptic Media, Multisensory Actuation, Human Computer Interaction, Virtual Presence, Wearable Device

eSparsha (pic credit: Softpedia) is a wearable device/glove which aims to provide a multisensory virtual presence experience to its users. The project is in its initial phase with audio and haptic actuation. Through this device, the wearer will be able to experience virtual presence of an object, person or phenomenon. The project is expected to be a pioneer in the field of wearable (portable), virtual presence device with multisensory actuation. Current Status: Halt

ReMo: Registration Module 2010

Keywords: Automating Conventional Processes, Online Registration, Official Portal, ARC Division - BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus

The project was developed to automate the registration and time-table allocation processes at BITS Pilani – Hyderabad Campus. Presently, all students of the university use this module for registration and counseling purposes. The project is now the official portal of the Academic, Regitstration and Counseling Division of BITS Pilani - Hyderabad Campus.

refer: ARC Division, BITS Pilani - Hyderabad